Spotted on the other side of the street – you cannot take your eyes off her. Like a zebra shifting places, running between the crosswalks and glazing shopfronts.


She is so unique. She is right there, talking to a stranger, slowly sipping coffee at one of the corner Boulangerie’s. Her ravishing personality, timelessly beautiful combination of delicate gestures and mixture of sensual looks, falls into one.


She is right here…
She is Jenesequa.

Carefree nonchalance


There is something special about her. She arrived this spring to blossom with a touch of Parisian glamour and carefree nonchalance. She knows who she is, she knows what she wants. She knows where she’s headed. Perfect combination of delicate and sensitive, topped up with a splash of maverick and casual, makes her wardrobe timeless and unforgettable. She stands out and wears all of her pieces with pleasure, comfort and elegance. She breaks the tabu, plays with fashion, she is a brave hero of nowadays female independence, self-confident and unconstrained in any way shape or form. Freshness and quality are only few assets to her tailor made personality where bespoke pieces and accessories blend into the one.


She is not here to prove anything, she does what she loves in her own time and manner.


First Jenesequa’s Métropole collection is designed to provoke with the independence. Perfect combination of luxurious fabrics with classic and subtle cuts – highlighting female shapes and their beauty. It takes its inspiration from modern urbanizm and overcrowded city streets.


The SS collection includes midi and maxi dresses, skirts with shocking and surprising selection of prints, as well as loose t-shirts made out of premium organic cotton. Jenesequa combines them with sneakers, leather boots, oversized jumpers and leather jackets, to demonstrate independence as well as distant and arrogant attitude to herself and to the world.


Daringly shrouded in silk

Jenesequa’s attitude and nonchalance perfectly combines with her selection of quality fabrics – the choice was not a question – it was simply inevitable.


The SS 2019 Métropole collection is made 100% out of luxurious Mulberry silk. Silk that characterises unbeatable smoothness and fine pearly gloss. Perfectly breathable leaving skin with the sensation and feeling of cool mist in the summer and warm cuddle in the colder days. It’s subtle, comfortable and relaxing every time it wraps you around. Completely natural and environmentally friendly.