Jak prać jedwabną sukienkę?

How to wash a silk dress?

How to wash a silk dress?

Silk is an expensive material, so it is understandable that we would like it to last as long as possible. When deciding to buy a silk dress, we face a challenge. How should we actually wash it? Will the washing machine damage the material? What temperature to use? What detergents? Or maybe we should trust home remedies? You will learn how to wash silk in the article below.

Silk dress - how often should you wash silk?

Silk, due to the tightness of its weave, is a hypoallergenic fabric. Therefore, it is much harder for dust and mites to stay on its surface. However, this does not mean that it does not get dirty at all. Allergens settle on it anyway, but they penetrate deeper, which significantly stops their reproduction. However, the question remains, how often should you wash silk?
Accessories that do not come into contact with the face, such as hair bands or silk dresses, should be washed once every two weeks. Pillowcases, towels or masks - once a week. Allergy sufferers or people struggling with acne may decide to wash their clothes even twice a week to avoid aggravating skin problems.

What detergents should I use to wash silk?

By far the safest method for washing silk is to use a dry cleaner. We especially recommend this method if you have a favorite silk dress that you need to wash. Despite the higher expense, you will be absolutely sure that your creation will not be damaged and will retain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

However, in the case of bedding, towels or elastic bands, we should choose to wash them at home. Then another difficult question arises. What to use to wash silk? We strongly advise against using traditional washing agents. The issue of appropriate pH comes into play here. Therefore, natural pH and gentle agents that do not contain detergents will be best for silk. These could very easily damage the material and lead to the loss of its properties.

There are many liquids on the market intended specifically for washing silk, but e.g. liquid for delicate fabrics may be equally helpful. The advantages of the former include, among others: substances enabling the fabric to come into contact with the detergent in the shortest possible time and a neutral pH. The lack of allergens or strong fragrances may also be an advantage for allergy sufferers.

How to wash a silk dress?

When you decide to wash silk at home, the label may be your best friend. But what if this tag is not there? Can silk be washed in a washing machine?
If you do not have a washing machine with a program designed for washing silk, we strongly advise against this option. The basic rule when washing silk is to be extremely careful. This should be done briefly and in cold water. Silk dresses and other clothes should always be washed inside out. The material should also not be left in water. To be safe, silk should be soaked for a maximum of four minutes. When washing, definitely avoid crushing, rubbing, wringing and wringing. Too hard water, which often occurs in homes, is also undesirable. It may damage the structure of silk and, in the case of satin, affect its shine. Some specialists recommend softening water with borax. However, a safer idea is to wash silk in distilled water, which is free of impurities.